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A Typical Session


Each session is tailored to the individual horse. A typical session last 1 to 2 hours.


The veterinary surgeon act of 1966 and Veterinary Surgery (exemptions) order of 1962 requires veterinary permission prior to any paraprofessional therapy including bodywork is carried out on a horse.  This ensures that no conditions contraindicated with bodywork are present. Therefore your vet will be contact before a session.


A session will involves many but not necessarily all of the following components:


  • History - Breed, colour, height, age, sex. Present functional issue. Farrier, Saddler, Vet, dentist and other professional history. Type of training and future objectives and goals.

  • Postural assessment - In stable from front, side and rear view and disposition.

  • Palpation - Whole body assessment for asymmetry, heat/cold, swelling, tightness of tissues.

  • Static, dynamic and gait analysis assessment - Horse standing, walking, and in trot in straight line and circles in hand, under saddle with and with out a rider.

  • Bodywork Session - Sequential bodywork will work over the head and neck, thoracic limbs, trunk and pelvic limbs to assess and release soft issue tension. This is tailored to the individual. This involves the multi-layers of soft tissue being softened, released and relaxed and reassessed. Symmetry will be checked along with pliancy. Followed by a range of suitable stretches. This is what I will carry out at every session.

  • Follow up - I will then discuss the findings and may demonstrate stretches, massage moves and training that can be carried out between bodywork sessions by owner, riders or trainers to aid the horse.

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