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About Me

I am an animal therapist based in Oxfordshire, I primarily treat horses and dogs, but also companion and farm animals. Since 2018 I have been the official Team Ireland Equestrian senior dressage and para-dressage permitted equine therapist (PET). I was one of the first to gain FEI PET status when it was initiated.

I offer a holistic approach to the optimal care of your animals.


McTimoney Animal therapy and bodywork is the use of musculoskeletal therapy techniques to improve the athletic performance of animals in all disciplines. It can be used as competition preparation , preventative maintenance or in rehabilitation.  


Each session is tailored to the individual animal, and lasts for around 1 hour in duration for a horse, and 30 minutes for a dog and you will require veterinary permission prior to treatment (vet surgeons act of 1966). This is to ensure correct diagnosis of any veterinary conditions.


I was one of the first Europeans to qualify with Equinenergy as a Master Equinology Equine Body Worker (MEEBW). I qualified as an EEBW in 2001 and as an MEEBW in 2003. I qualified as a McTimoney Animal chiropractor in 2012, so now offer a holistic musculoskeltal package of therapies to my clients. I have a PGDip in Equine Science, BHS and NVQ qualifications.


I have also taken courses in Advance massage techniques, Accupressure, Myofacsial Release, Craniosacral techniques, Stretching and range of motion techniques. Courses that support the science and holistic approach include Biomechanics, Gait analysis, Exercise physiology, Saddlery, Farriery, Nutrition, Dentistry, Intelligent horsemanship and dog handling and rehabilitation.

I continue to develop my knowledge and understanding through professional development courses but it is the animals themselves that really enhance my knowledge and give me the ability to make a significant difference to their lives.

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What I Offer


What is Bodywork?


Equine bodywork is the use of soft tissue techniques to improve the athletic performance of horses in all disciplines. It can be used as competition preparation, preventative maintenance or in rehabilitation. It can also address compensation issues so that an injury is limited in its effect.


Benefits can include


  • Supporting optimal performance before, during and after training or competing

  • Reducing risk of injury due to fatigue or strain

  • Muscles associated with an orthopedic issue are kept flexible and free of pain


Body work can therefore


  • Improve gait quality – stride length and strength

  • Improve range of motion – flexibility and lateral movement

  • Improve energy efficiency as pliant soft tissues use less energy

  • Improve performance as exertion soreness, tension and stiffness reduced

  • Improve stamina

  • Improve circulation

  • Improve disposition

  • Reduce tactile defensiveness

  • Improve elimination of waste and toxins

  • Provide comfort for soft tissue injuries

  • Access physical condition

"I truly believe I wouldn't have half the horse I do without Jin’s magic hands. I know the old saying is "No foot. No horse" well mine is "No Jin, No Horse". Thanks a million."

A happy client!

Get In Touch

Find me on facebook @jinlangstone



07774 652866



I am based in Oxfordshire but I travel to many parts of the UK and Europe to carry out treatments.




Thank you for your message I will be in touch as soon as possible.

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